Some how the table I work at is the most popular table at the casino , people gather around it all the time, it seems like everyone loves to play the roulette. And I can understand why, everyone can play it without any skills, all you need to do is to pick a number, a color or a group of number and hope that I fall on the one you chose.

The casino games that don't require any skill are the most successful in the casino, the real ones or the online ones. Games like slot machines, keno or roulette.

The wheel is slowly stopping, I'm still dizzy, the dealer announce that I fell on number 16, some guy from the crowd shouts and the rest are cheering, he has won, the money belong to him now. It's always a terrible experience to be in the roulette wheel, but I guess it's worth it when I here the joy I bring to people. Well, I must prepare to the next round, see you all soon at the roulette table.